Sunday, 24 November 2013

Christmas Mail

I finished exams! hoorah! Since finishing my mum and I went on a little op shopping trip to the blue mountains so I have some purchases to show you when I get around to it :-D

Seeing as it's almost christmas (or it feels like it to me anyway, I decorated about a month ago), I feel that it is time for me to send out some christmas mail! I have a whole pile of vintage christmas cards because I always snap them up and I would love to send some out. So if you want a little bit of christmas in your letter box just email me your address to and I will send you a card :-)

Below are my favourite cards so I can't promise that you will get something quite as cute (I am such a hoarder and can't bear to part with them) but I will try my best to send something lovely.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Collection Post: Tea Cosies

Golly gosh, I feel like I haven't posted in ages! I've been studying for my uni exams (only two more to go!).  I managed so sneak in some op shops in between study so I will eventually get around to posting those :-) Until then here is a post about my tea cosie collection that I had saved in my drafts and quite forgotten about. 

Sadly I can't lay sole claim to this collection. It started off as my sisters collection, but my mum and I probably bought about two thirds of them at op shops and so we claim it as ours as well :-P The craze has died down a bit because of storage space issues, but whenever we see a cool one for a few dollars or less we usually buy it and add it to the pile :-) 
The Koala ones are probably my favourite. The one in the photo above is hilarious because of the position where the spout comes out ;-)

This pineapple(?) is fluro orange and I simply love how tacky it is.

The doll one is a tad creepy but I kinda love it for that reason. 

I think this ones supposed to be a mushroom?

We have about 50 now but my sister has some at her house. So there's our tea cosy collection. Hope you enjoyed it :-) Which are your favourites?

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Incoming mail

I recieved some amazing mail this week :-D 
 The postcard below is handpainted! and of cacti (my favourite things)! thanks ever so much doro!

And I recieved an awesome little package from Emma, that had a little shell box in it! I love it! There were so many layers of wrapping but I was so excited to open it that I didn't get to take photos but Emma took some before she sent it (here). thank you Emma!