Saturday, 29 June 2013

Vintage Cards

The other day my mum discovered a box with all the cards she received as a child, pictures she drew, awards and other little keepsakes. The cards are so darn sweet! I spent hours going through them and they all have such lovely messages and drawings inside.  

some mini cards and party invitations - these are all super small- all less than 10cm in length!

The box they are in is an old wooden cola box !

I scanned a few of my favourites. The scan definitely doesn't do them justice, especially because a lot of them have sparkles on them, but the images are still adorable. 


You spin the wheel around on this one, mixing up the animals faces and names. 

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did :-) I wish cards were still as sweet as this! I always keep an eye out for unused vintage cards at op shops but I hardly ever find any, do you?

Monday, 24 June 2013

Collection Post: Planters

This collection is rather small and not too exciting as I only buy them if they are $3 or less but I thought I'd share anyway :-) I have to put price limits on myself or I would spend waaaay to much at op shops and antique malls. 

I have this weird love for super kitsch ugly shell art and the duck planter definitely fits this category with its tacky googly eyes. I have a whole collection of shell art that I will probably never post because I only buy them if they are especially ugly haha. I kind of love ugly things; I also have a collection of bright gold ornaments that are made in Japan (like the donkey planter below). 

Also I'm linking to op shop mama's collection post :-)

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


A pile of outgoing mail :-) I haven't sent out much mail lately and have been rather slow replying to people >_> This is only some of what I sent out, it was too much to fit nicely in the photo haha.

I bought some red grid tissue paper from an oppy recently because it reminded me of math grid paper, and I made some envelopes. I like how you can see the confetti inside :-) However I'm not sure how well it will survive in the mail so I put an address on the postcard inside and as an afterthought added some washi tape to the corners. I should stop being so cheap and buy some of those lovely glassine envelopes that look so pretty filled with colourful goodies.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Pompoms & Frankie Gift Wrap

I made a bunch of pompoms using this clever technique and have been using them for wrapping and garlands :-)

The paper I used above is from the frankie gift paper book which my sister gave me for my birthday :-D It has ten of the prettiest designs and it came with some yellow twine and blue spotty washi tape! I simply LOVE using it!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Postage Stamps

Some more of my favourite stamps:-) 
(sorry for the terribly boring post- I promise I will write a proper post soon!)

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Housewarming Present

My sister is moving into an amazing 70s red brick house (I am so jealous- I adore red brick houses) and so I made her a little housewarming present. I bought a cabbage flower plant (no idea what they're actually called) and a nice vintage painted pot and made a little banner to add a special touch :-)