Monday, 28 July 2014

Spotty Parcel

Another parcel I sent out a while ago. This spotty mail was for fee from burnt feather :-)

I like how it matched the confetti

Inside was a koala tea cosy, a cat book, a vintage big banana postcard and a few other little bits and bobs. I sent it out yonks ago and fee wrote a post about it here which goes into more detail :-)

I'm posting stuff thats been sitting in my drafts pile at the moment because I dislocated my knee a week and a bit ago, so I haven't really been op shopping or sending out much mail lately. I also had to delay my trip to America by a few weeks :-( but I leave in two weeks now. YAY!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Pink & Red Parcel

I haven't really shown any snail mail I've been sending out lately so I'll share with you a parcel I sent out a little while ago to Katyha

I painted it red and pink spotty and filled it with some vintage golden books, a potholder and a few other little things. 

Friday, 18 July 2014

Tassie Oppy Finds

Of course, whilst in Tasmania we managed to fit in a little bit of op shopping ;-)

I found this sweet little tasmania souvenir hankie which I have taped to my wall at the moment, along with a cutout from the packaging of a bag of apples we bought.

I also found some more patches to add to my collection! There was a whole pile of them but they were $2.25 each so I had to restrict myself :-( It was so hard to choose but I loved the sparkly ones (you can't really tell in the photo but 3 of them have gold and silver sparkly thread). 

I also found a sweet little swan planter. I now have three swan planters which makes it a collection and gives me an excuse to keep buying them :-P

Thursday, 10 July 2014


I thought I'd share a few pics from my recent trip to Tasmania. 

We explored Launceston for a couple of days and I fell in love. All the buildings were so beautiful and old and the grey sky was so pretty.

We also did a little bit of hiking in Cradle Mountain. It started snowing quite a lot when we reached the top of this mountain and it was pretty awesome but also mega cold.  

This was a cute little market run by sweet old ladies at a church that we happened upon and I picked up a few little things which I'll show in a later post.

I took a heap more photos but I figured I'd keep it short and sweet and finish off with a rainbow and a snowy boardwalk :-)

Monday, 7 July 2014


Hello all, so I'm back from Tasmania and I had a wonderful time! But more on that later when I get around to doing a post with tassie photos. But for now I'll show you my new dymo labeller :-)

I already have a cheap labeller and when I saw this vintage dymo one for $10 at an op shop I almost wasn't going to buy it, but then I saw that it came with old tapes. I normally buy my tapes for $4 a pop and this labeller came with 7! 
It's a lot easier to use than my other one too, and the tapes are pretty colours and matte, unlike the shiny ones you can buy today. I've been using them on all my mail lately :-)

Anyway I'm off to go camping for a few days so till then toodaloo x