Monday, 7 July 2014


Hello all, so I'm back from Tasmania and I had a wonderful time! But more on that later when I get around to doing a post with tassie photos. But for now I'll show you my new dymo labeller :-)

I already have a cheap labeller and when I saw this vintage dymo one for $10 at an op shop I almost wasn't going to buy it, but then I saw that it came with old tapes. I normally buy my tapes for $4 a pop and this labeller came with 7! 
It's a lot easier to use than my other one too, and the tapes are pretty colours and matte, unlike the shiny ones you can buy today. I've been using them on all my mail lately :-)

Anyway I'm off to go camping for a few days so till then toodaloo x


  1. Such a nice way for address labels - the matte is killer. When I got my parcel in the post I seriously starred lovingly at the wrapping for way too long (it's definitely appreciated!)

  2. That's an amazing model! We are glad to read how much you enjoy your new old Dymo. ^CP

  3. The colors are amazing and the fact that they are mate it's even better .)

  4. amazing! the colours are fab :)

    erin /


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