Saturday, 29 June 2013

Vintage Cards

The other day my mum discovered a box with all the cards she received as a child, pictures she drew, awards and other little keepsakes. The cards are so darn sweet! I spent hours going through them and they all have such lovely messages and drawings inside.  

some mini cards and party invitations - these are all super small- all less than 10cm in length!

The box they are in is an old wooden cola box !

I scanned a few of my favourites. The scan definitely doesn't do them justice, especially because a lot of them have sparkles on them, but the images are still adorable. 


You spin the wheel around on this one, mixing up the animals faces and names. 

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did :-) I wish cards were still as sweet as this! I always keep an eye out for unused vintage cards at op shops but I hardly ever find any, do you?


  1. These postcards are <3

    Sometimes i find some nice vintage postcards,i will send you one!

    1. ooooh that would be absolutely wonderful! :-D

    2. i framed the bear postcard you sent me :D

    3. :-D I'm so glad you liked it!

  2. So cute!! Cards were such an event when I was a kid. It was as good as getting a present!
    I love the colours on these ones.
    I'm lucky - my Mum never threw anything away too. there are literally BOXES of them that I have to go through one day. I've done some. She even has HER mum's, because she couldn't throw them away either... So when my Mum died I got hers and my Gran's and I have all mine too! (No I'm not a hoarder!! Lol)

    I sometimes find them at the oppies.. they're usually 20c or so which is always a big thrill!!

    Love this post! Cute little box of treasure!

    1. oooh how amazing that you have both your mums and your grandma's! I bet they are absolutely beautiful! And haha don't worry, I am a massive hoarder too, I could never throw these out! I want to display them somehow but I'm already using every inch of my wall space, so they will probably just sit in a box for forever :-P
      And ooh, you lucky duck! you always have such great finds!

  3. Old thing such as the wheel remain cool design.
    So Adorable !!!!! I feel like I'm find many treasures !!

  4. I really like the poodle one!

  5. This is SO special! Love the Space marionette most...Gosh, what a big deal that your mom kept all those cards. I am saving cards and artwork for my girls, I hope one day it will be special to them :) Thanks for showing!


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