Wednesday, 20 March 2013

knitted postcards

A while ago I had a few friends around for a "knitting night" - basically just a night of watching chick flicks whilst knitting. These are the invitations I sent out - they're are just a rectangle of (really dodgy) knitting sewn onto some cardboard. They aren't the prettiest things as I made them really quickly and rather like the 'rough' look- but someone who is a good knitter could certainly make them look super! I do think they make for a bit of a surprise in the mailbox though :-)


  1. I like the blue one! :)
    Good idea, but I think when I will do this, I will need a long, long time for knitting... :-D

    1. thank you :-) and haha yeah I tried to do it really quickly (which is why they are so messy)


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