Monday, 29 July 2013

Snail Mail

Hello again! Ok I'm back to posting for good now :-) Camping was a blast! It's winter here so it was pretty darn cold but we had a campfire to keep us warm and to toast marshmellows on :-D

I got back from Canberra to a heap of pretty mail, I was ever so excited! The pile below consists of various postcards (that horse one on top is holographic!), some lovely long letters and a parcel with a new ink ribbon for my typewriter!

I spent all of today catching up on the blogs I haven't read in the past week and replying to mail. It was delightful :-)

I received an absolutely amazing letter filled with vintage goodies from Sara who always posts beautiful pictures on her blog 'random places/familiar faces'. 

She also sent me two lovely photos which are now on my wall above my new cactus :-D


  1. Replies
    1. :-) I am seriously so in love with your letter!

  2. so sweet, Sara's blog is the best :) Welcome back too!

    1. I know right! You both take the most amazing photos- it makes me wish I was good at photography! And thanks :-)

  3. <3 _ <3
    This's super cool treasures.
    I like the card children ride donkey. How cute!


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