Thursday, 15 August 2013

Snail mail + Able and Game

 Able and Game are an awesome couple in Melbourne who make brilliant cards for all occasions. I am a massive fan and have their art scattered throughout my room. I thought I would send them thank you card because they always add in little extras when you buy from them and because, as you know, I love sending mail and any excuse will do ;-)  

I found these 'Thanks' cards at an oppy. They are pink and shiny with lightning bolts, I love them!

 My boyfriend sent all these cards in the mail and they are now hanging in my room :-)

You can't really see it but the top frame is an able and game card :-)


  1. oh i like your wall decoration! :)
    in the next days you get a letter from me (i have no idea how long it will take to send a letter from germany to australia...we will see...)!

    have a nice day :o)

  2. Your wall do look adorable :)

    i love the able and game cards!

    1. I even love more the teat towels, and your card it's awesome as well!

    2. Thank you :-) and I know! I love the teatowels- they make awesome housewarming gifts :-D

  3. I love Able and Game and those thank you cards are something else!

  4. Your house looks so lovely and that is super nice to send a thank-you card, I'm sure they'll appreciate it :)


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