Thursday, 5 February 2015

pompom mail

One of my friends is moving into a new house so I thought I would send a little housewarming package filled with pompom goodness. 

Ever since seeing a picture of a box filled to the brim with pompoms I have wanted to send or receive something like that so I thought it would be sweet to send some pompom garlands to decorate her new house with. 

I also sent some succulent cuttings to start a little pot plant

I decorated the box with my new jumbo confetti that I got for christmas, best present!


  1. LOVE the plethora of pompoms!

    1. me too! I almost didn't want to send them away haha

  2. Such happy mail and the outside of the box is way too cute!

  3. What a fun idea! It must be great to open up a box full of pom-poms!
    And i love the way you decorated the box


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