Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valentines Mail ♡

Just some Valentines mail I sent out to a few friends. The cards are from Quill & Fox and I think they are just the sweetest things ever!

I used a mix of watercolours, confetti (do you like my new heart confetti!), tissue paper and dymo tape to decorate them.

I also sent out little wrapped boxes of conversation hearts that I brought back from America :-)

I hope y'all have a swell valentines!


  1. loveliest envelopes in the world, Emily :)

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  3. All of these cards are heart throbbing! Truly in love with these. Our mom’s birthday is coming up and will love to host a grand party for her at garden party venues in Houston. Really want to give her a nice surprise!

  4. OUps, we can see all the addresses on 1 picture…


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